Ensemble for New Music

Ensemble Nieuwe Muziek

The Ensemble for New Music was founded in 2017 by Sebastiaan Ammerlaan and soprano Veronika Akhmetchina. It is a project ensemble with an ever-changing makeup, specialising in music from the 21st century.

Mozart once wrote new music, as did Wagner and later Poulenc. Who are the great composers of our generation?

The first incarnation of the ensemble was a vocal quartet, with singers Annely Leinberg, Hugo Kampschreur, Sebastiaan Ammerlaan and Veronika Akhmetchina.


The ensemble is idealistic in nature and strives for transparancy in how it operates. Its goal is to provide all contributors (composers, musicians) with an honest compensation, by giving all a pre-determined percentage of the income. This also helps create a responsibility for all contributors to garner publicity for the concerts.

Project 1

The first project of the Ensemble for New Music was on 16 April 2018 in the Utrecht Conservatory, with a second performance on 25 May 2018 in TivoliVredenburg Utrecht. The following pieces were premiered:

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		<figcaption class="tc">Veronika Akhmetchina, Annely Leinberg, Hugo Kampschreur, Sebastiaan Ammerlaan.</figcaption>
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