Singing lessons in Utrecht

Sebastiaan Ammerlaan

Singing is the instrument with the shortest distance between you and the music. It allows you to create music exactly how you imagine it: a direct translation of your musical vision. There is no instrument between you and your music: you need only depend on yourself.

Still, what you sing doesn’t always sound like how you would like. You may have difficulty producing certain high or low notes, you may have a hard time finding the right sound, or perhaps you have simply never sung before and don’t know where to start.

Together we will work on having the music sound like you want. My focus will always be on a healthy way of using your voice and together we can work on your vocal technique.

The singing lessons

My own background is in classical voice training, and this is also the method I use during my singing lessons. My singing lessons are primarily for classical singing or music theatre. Students for other genres like musical, pop or jazz are also welcome, but this is not my specialty.

A try-out lesson is always free. During this lesson we will look at what you are hoping to achieve and how I can help you with that. It helps if you bring something along to sing!

I teach in Utrecht, at my house in Zuilen. If desired I can also teach on location.

Rates 2021-2022 Normal rate Reduced rate
Try-out lesson Free Free
4-lesson package € 169,60 € 105,60
Single lesson € 53,- € 33,-
  • I offer a reduced rate for people younger than 21.
  • Teaching on location is by agreement and with an added fee.
  • Rates are based on union rates by the NTB

Terms & conditions

  • The rates include 21% BTW. (The reduced rate does not pay VAR, see the website of the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration.)
  • Each 4-lesson package must have been paid in full at the time of the first lesson. Otherwise, the per-lesson rate applies.
  • I offer no refunds for a paid lesson.
  • Any lesson cancelled with less than 24-hours notice prior to the agreed time will be charged at the full lesson rate (reasons beyond your control are acceptable in consultation with me).
  • A lesson takes 60 minutes, including arrival and departure.
  • I reserve the right to cancel lessons for any reason. These lessons will of course be carried forward or refunded.
  • My fees can be adjusted each year at the start of the new season (after the summer break).